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Is the R of staff

Representative of the tax office has began to say that a serious study session (laughs

A Can you listen to talk just a little bit -



And the grant application as "zero energy house

       Grade Seismic 3 How To Proceed-Study Meeting Of Abode "



So, please



If young first-time buyer, even near my company has built a house.

Throat Probably Were Transferred Into Action Thinking Of The Degree Of Residence.

With an understanding with the firmly study,

But it can not be helped if I chose now of the house,

If not, it unfortunately.


The reference standard of the country that must be protected minimum

It is everyone even you know that there

It is also true to the strength on the performance


When the earthquake is okay?

Heat shock?

Mold and mite, is allergy?

You do not have patience to mind the electric bill?

House to protect the people who live in, or would not have been unhappy people to live?


Resistant to repeated shaking of the earthquake, could live in health,

Would not friendly homes is can also be in the household?

Now leads continue to seek triple threat residence,

I was convinced that it is not impossible.


While ensuring zero energy in the thermal insulation performance of the top class,

Grade Seismic 3 ( Of National Standards 1.5 Times ) The Ultimate Way You Can Achieve Is,

It was born from a completely new idea.

Insulation panel construction that is it

The insulation panel has been developed extreme cold of the earth, in Hokkaido

"Mere Insulation Material Continue To Be Referred To As" 30 Years,

Aging was a concern also clear,

The only one of the heat-insulating material, which has been certified as a structural material.


And solid knowledge acquisition in this method, if the careful work,

Surely it is housing that combines the tenderness and strength.


24 Is A Hot Cold In The Hours Air Conditioning And Goodbye,

In friendly zero energy housing in a wallet,

Seismic Grade Further 3 Residence Is Also Strong Shaking Of Repeatedly,

30 Tsubo 1000 If You Want To Achieve From The Million Units

Course Of, Subsidies (100 Yen - 215 Yen ) Can Also Apply For



I really want to convey is, even in the zero energy house

Grade Seismic 3 Nor A Strong House To Earthquake

Rainy season humid, mid-summer heat, freezing winter cold,

· Pollen PM2.5 Protect From The External Environment, Such As Stress-Free Space

In other words, he a "corner very comfortable".




... But, it is.

It seems there are things I want to say still,

Have ends with this side.


And, to say

And the grant application as "zero energy house

Grade Seismic 3 How To Proceed-Study Meeting Of Abode "

A If You Hold Snort Also Rough! !


Again as a housewife (househusband?) To keep the household

Initials also running cost to be worried about,

Earthquake I also palm of families live healthy is the best but I'm scared!

Of course, the model home that you can experience the corner very comfortable, cosiness.


To Give And Not Know N -

Was not

You do not and loss know

To give to know


"  If The Reference Of Everyone'S House Making, Fortunately," Had To Say Even

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